University of Chicago and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

University of Chicago
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

Collaboration Workshop on Friday, May 21, 2021
Noon CDT (UCT-5) and 7 (UTC+2)
AGENDA (CDT times)
1200 – 1220 Introductory remarks (CNRS and CQE)
1220 – 1230 AMO CNRS
1230 – 1240 AMO UC
1240 – 1250 SC/SS UC [includes materials]
1250 – 1300 SC/SS CNRS
1300 – 1310 Theory CNRS
1310 – 1320 Theory UC
Break (10 minutes)

1330 – 1400 Open Discussion
• Organization committee names
• Workshop date and schedule in Paris
• Themes: quantum computation, communication, sensing,
perhaps also materials & characterization
• Workshop participants
• Roundtable-panel discussions after each session

David Awschalom, Quantum Engineering and Physics (solid state and molecular quantum systems)
Hannes Bernien, Quantum Engineering (atomic quantum systems)
Aash Clerk, Quantum Engineering (quantum theory)
Laura Gagliardi, Quantum Engineering and Chemistry (quantum chemistry)
Giulia Galli, Quantum Engineering and Chemistry (quantum materials and chemistry)
Alex High, Quantum Engineering (quantum systems)
Liang Jiang, Quantum Engineering (quantum theory)
David Schuster, Quantum Engineering and Physics (superconducting quantum systems)
Tian Zhong, Quantum Engineering (solid state quantum systems)

Olivier Cappé, INS2I, quantum information and algorithms, machine learning
Thérèse Huet, INP, physics of atoms, molecules and plasmas; optics and lasers
Philippe Lecheminant, INP, theoretical physics
Alexandre Legris, INC, material science
Laurent Nicolas, INSIS, micro and nanotechnologies, photonics, and electronics
Frédéric Petroff, INP, condensed matter physics and nanoscience
Alain Schuhl, Deputy Director General for Science, CNRS
Sébastien Tanzilli, INP, quantum physics and technologies