University of Chicago — Weizmann Institute Joint Workshop on
Quantum Science and Technology

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Workshop Organized By:
David Awschalom, University of Chicago
Nir Davidson, Weizmann Institute
Ofer Firstenberg, Weizmann Institute
Jon Simon, University of Chicago

Introductory Technical Session (009-1100 CST)
>Solid State / Superconducting Systems
Collaboration Plans (1100-1200 CST)

University of Chicago Participants
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David Awschalom NV centers, quantum spins in solids

Hannes Bernien Tweezer arrays, Hybrid systems

Cheng Chin ultracold atoms, optical lattices, condensed matter

Aash Clerk reservoir and dissipation engineering in quantum systems – Theory

Dave DeMille Cold molecules, precision measurement

Liang Jiang quantum communication, transduction, and error correction – Theory

Bill Pfefferman quantum computation – Theory

Peter Maurer

David Schuster circuit quantum computing and synthetic matter

Jonathan Simon quantum & topological matter, hybrid & quantum optics

Dmitri Talapin

Tian Zhong Rare earth ions

Weizmann Institute Participants
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Nir Davidson cold atoms, coupled lasers

Barak Dayan  Cavity QED

Amit Finkler NV centers

Ofer Firstenberg  quantum NL optics

Rotem Fridman Quantum information – Theory

Ulf Leonhardt  Geometry and quantum light – Theory

Ed Narevicius Cold molecules

Dan Oron Quantum imaging

Roee Ozeri Trapped ions

Serge Rosenblum quantum computing with super conducting circuits

Ephraim Shahmoon quantum optics – Theory

Ady Stern Quantum information (and also quantum materials) – Theory